About Sampurna

A Dedicated voyage, exploring ever new technologies.


‘Sampurna’ a place of innovation, is the premier clinical diagnostic centre in Indore with the best national standards. It is known for pioneering the introduction of new tests, maximizing the quality of testing with state-of-the-art technology and coordinating with the entire medical fraternity.

Founded in 1991 by Dr. R.K. Sodani, a pioneer in the field of Sonography and Radiology, ‘Sampurna’ provides the widest range of test parameters under one roof. The diagnostic centre is well equipped with state-of-the-art  & highly advanced instruments.

To operate these sophisticated gadgets, the centre has an efficient, knowledgeable, qualified and dedicated staff. The highly motivated technical team at ‘Sampurna’ is constantly involved in producing world-class results and upholding Quality Assurance.

By the founder


Excellence can be obtained if you:

… care more than other think is wise
… risk more than others think is safe
… dream more than others think is practical
… expect more than others think is possible

I personally and strongly believe in it. Achieving excellence by adopting newer techniques in diagnostic field has been the motto of ‘Sampurna’ Sodani Diagnostic Clinic for past 20 years.

Proper, reliable and accurate diagnostic services play a vital role and enable the physicians to accurately diagnose, treat and cure the patients.

Sodani Diagnostic Clinic also offers a variety of screening and preventive checkups, which in turn help people in preventing diseases.

We are committed to provide flawless healthcare services and in this vein, we constantly go on adding advanced equipment that are tested and recommended worldwide.

Our new GE Optima MR360 1.5T is another feather in our cap and thereby we are continuing our tradition of introducing the city with the newest advents in the world of diagnostics.

I hope, the services being offered by ‘Sampurna’ Sodani Diagnostic Clinic will prove blissful for physician and patients as always and lead our society towards an ailment-free life.

Dr. R.K. Sodani